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"In building this new center the intention has been and should always be that our primary reason for gathering is for the practice, study and exploration of Buddhism as it applies to our daily existence. Equally as important is that we intend that we are a community of Buddhists supporting the activity of Buddhism."  

Urgyen Pawo - Ronn McLane


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We are Dedicated to Exploration

  • We seek to experientially explore those teachings that we as individuals find to be right, wise, complete and true through careful investigation. 
  • We seek to do no harm in our practice.
  • We seek to benefit all beings without one single exception.

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We study and practice "Buddhayana". Buddhayana is a term for an authentic, progressive, tolerant, and inclusive Buddhism. Buddhayana calls upon the wisdom from all the traditions in a syncretic way, but without sacrificing the authenticity of the Dharma. It provides us the means by which we may adapt these ancient concepts into our modern world in the most practical sense.

With maturity, there are no cares about the past; with intelligence, there are no doubts about the present; with an unobstructed mind, there is no worry about the future.

WE are

Kansas City Buddhist Center is a community founded by Buddhists for Buddhists with the intention of gathering together to investigate the personal use of Meditation, Buddhist Philosophy and Practice. We seek to experientially explore those teachings that we can as individuals, deem to be undeniably right, wise, complete and true not because we are told so but because we have each found them to be of benefit not only to ourselves but to all other beings. We seek to do no harm in our practice and we wish for the benefit to be for all beings without exception.

Under the guidance of Rev. Ronn Pawo McLane we explore "Buddhayana" or the vehicle of Buddhism by utilizing teachings and practices from multiple schools of Buddhism.

There is no experience, outfits or equipment necessary to participate or attend. Simply come with a curiosity and openness to explore yourself and your connection to all other with the intention to relieve suffering and find refuge in the state of calm abiding.

a community of like minds

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Kansas City Buddhist Center is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All donations to Kansas City Buddhist Center are tax deductible. The organization's tax identification number is 82-3363927.  

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